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5 Reasons Gutter Guards are a Great Idea for H.O.A.s

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Gutter cleaning is an item that all H.O.A.s must budget it for.  But is it the best use of funds.  Perhaps there is a better solution?   How about Gutter Protection?

There are 5 reasons why leaf guards are a better choice than gutter cleaning:

#1.  You only have to pay for and install leaf protection one time.  Unlike gutter cleaning that needs to be done several times a year.  After gutter covers are installed, that is it.

#2.  You eliminate liability.  Hiring a crew of gutter cleaners exposes your property to the liability that these works can get hurt.  Statists show most fall accidents happen on ladders and off of roofs.

#3.  Your gutter system is always functioning properly.  Gutter cleaning is generally scheduled for certain times of the year.  But what if the gutter and downspout system clogs before the cleaners het there?

#4.  Excess roof wear and tear and possibility of collateral damage done by cleaners.  Foot traffic on roofs, ladders banging on gutters and trim, and workers tromping through the landscape are all eliminated when you have gutter protection installed.

#5.  You completely eliminate the “unreliable” cleaning service.  Gutter cleaning companies go out of business all of the time.  When they do you normally don’t find out about it until they don’t show up for their regularly scheduled cleaning.  Gutter Shutters are extremely reliable, in fact, they always show up.

So weight the cost and liabilities of installing gutter protection on your condo, apartment, or townhouse complex.  You may find that in the long run you will save money, have a more well maintained complex, and you eliminate the risk of injuries and lawsuits.

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Maintenance man accused of stealing from residents

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Maintenance man accused of stealing from residents
– Philadelphia police say a sneaky burglar wearing gloves, shining a flashlight and creeping around an apartment unit at Cloverly Park apartments in Germantown was actually the building’s maintenance man.

Detectives confirm Christopher Taylor, of Bensalem, turned himself into police yesterday on multiple charges related to theft and burglary.

Gina Jewett helped police solve this crime. The surveillance footage came from her unit. She says she installed a hidden camera in July after she noticed medication was missing. This week, she help cracked the case.

I came home Monday night and was going through my camera I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was like is this for real,” she told FOX 29. “He was in my stuff you could hear him ransacking drawers.”

Jewett says she immediately called police and reported the incident to her property manager who assured her that Taylor has been let go. No one from the management company has returned our calls to confirm that or comment on the situation. Jewett says property managers have yet to tell residents what happened and she thinks that’s wrong.

Jewett says her landlord changed her locks but she still doesn’t feel safe. She plans to move out as soon as possible and wants some help.

“I want them to compensate me I need to move I shouldn’t have to pay for it out of my pocket because I was violated by their employee,” she explained.

How to use video tours to market your rental property

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How to use video tours to market your rental property
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Landord Poisons Tenants Vegetable Garden during Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Landord Poisons Tenants Vegetable Garden during Thanksgiving Dinner!
Due to legal issues I cannot name the accused in this video from St. Thomas, Ontario as he is considered the victim according to local authorities (because he’s a business owner) but its our landlord who came over today during our Thanksgiving Dinner (he thought we were away with family as we hid our primary vehicle) and he went straight for our garden with his Industrial RoundUp!! He sprayed nothing but around our garden! I confronted and surprised him to which he said he was only spraying the grass… then walked around the house and sprayed our garden again!
He doesn’t want us having security cams and this is why..
Its all on security camera! Busted again shady landlord!

Top 7 maintenance supervisor cover letter samples

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Top 7 maintenance supervisor cover letter samples
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Are Rental Application Fees Legal?

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Are Rental Application Fees Legal?
If you have ever tried to rent an apartment, you know the fees you have to pay can be costly. Even worse, if you aren’t accepted, many times you don’t get that money back. Is it legal to take fees from potential renters and not return it? It’s why one man called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Jerry Nowlin is an entrepreneur.

Jerry Nowlin: “I’m not looking to make a million dollars. I want to make, you know, enough to live on.”

He moved to Florida because he saw an opportunity to help businesses prepare and recover from disasters.

Jerry Nowlin: “We plan for any interruption to business operations, and that could be man-made or weather-related.”

Recently, Jerry was looking for an apartment to rent. And he says, it was an eye-opener.

Jerry Nowlin: “They won’t tell you what the requirements are when you apply. They charge you exorbitant fees when you apply.”

Jerry and his wife first applied at a Broward complex.

Jerry Nowlin: “They charge 0 per person that’s going to live in the apartment for what they call a criminal and credit check. I can do that online for .99.”

And then…

Jerry Nowlin: “They want to charge you anywhere from 0 up to 0 to do what they call an administrative processing fee.”

After he paid the complex 0 to apply, Jerry says they gave him the list of requirements, most of them financial.

Jerry Nowlin: “They wanted three years of back income tax returns, OK, and then I just started a company here.”

Patrick Fraser: “You don’t have three years of income for that one because it’s a new company.”

Jerry Nowlin: “Exactly, and that was the catch-all.”

Instead, Jerry says, they wanted his bank account information and his retirement account information. He said he wasn’t going to turn that over to them, so three weeks later, they turned him down.

Patrick Fraser: “Did they tell you why?”

Jerry Nowlin: “They said I wouldn’t complete the process.”

Patrick Fraser: “You wouldn’t give up your private information.”

Jerry Nowlin: “You got it.”

They also kept Jerry’s 0 application fee. He then applied at a second complex. paid the 0 again, and a few days later, was rejected again.

Patrick Fraser: “So the second company rejected you because of false information.”

Jerry Nowlin: “Yes, sir.”

The company the apartment complex used to do the background check even wrote Jerry a letter admitting the information they had given out was “inaccurate, incomplete or cannot be verified.” But when the apartment complex would not return Jerry’s 0 fee, that meant he was then out ,100 dollars in application fees for the two apartments and still didn’t have a place to move.

Jerry Nowlin: “The fees are outrageous; there should be a cap on the fees.”

Well Howard, can a landlord charge whatever fees they want for an application, then reject you and keep the money?

Howard Finkelstein: “In the state of Florida, the answer is yes. A landlord can charge whatever fees they want. They don’t have to tell you what the requirements to move in are ’till you pay the application fee. Also, if you don’t qualify or they reject you, they can keep your money. Many states regulate this tightly to protect the renters, but not in the state of Florida.”

Jerry is a sharp guy. The first complex was owned by a South Carolina company. Jerry filed a complaint with the attorney general in South Carolina and Florida. Within a few days, Jerry says, that company apologized and returned his 0.

I spoke to the second complex. After realizing they have been given false information about Jerry, they told me he was approved to move in. Jerry’s wife liked that place. They have now moved in.

Howard Finkelstein: “If they won’t tell you the requirements before you pay, walk away. And if they tell you the requirements and then change them after you apply, they have to give you your money back. Otherwise, that could be a deceptive trade practice.”

Jerry Nowlin: “Help Me Howard and Pat Fraser have been outstanding.”

Howard mentioned other states regulate what landlords can charge for an application. Jerry says his experience shows, something needs to be done in Florida as well.

Jerry Nowlin: “They can clean this up themselves, and if they won’t clean it up, I think the next step is go to the legislature and have them clean it up.”

Patrick Fraser: “Now, could an apartment complex accept 15 or 20 applications for one apartment, charge everyone knowing only one person will be accepted, and then keep everyone’s money? In theory, yes. Of course, the potential renter could sue for deceptive trade practice, but that costs more than the application fee you’d get back. Back to what Jerry said: The legislature needs to do something to protect renters.”

Feel like you’ve rented a problem you don’t want to own? Wanna deposit it with someone? Contact us. We’ll do a background check to move you along with no fees. With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.