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5 Reasons Gutter Guards are a Great Idea for H.O.A.s

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Gutter cleaning is an item that all H.O.A.s must budget it for.  But is it the best use of funds.  Perhaps there is a better solution?   How about Gutter Protection?

There are 5 reasons why leaf guards are a better choice than gutter cleaning:

#1.  You only have to pay for and install leaf protection one time.  Unlike gutter cleaning that needs to be done several times a year.  After gutter covers are installed, that is it.

#2.  You eliminate liability.  Hiring a crew of gutter cleaners exposes your property to the liability that these works can get hurt.  Statists show most fall accidents happen on ladders and off of roofs.

#3.  Your gutter system is always functioning properly.  Gutter cleaning is generally scheduled for certain times of the year.  But what if the gutter and downspout system clogs before the cleaners het there?

#4.  Excess roof wear and tear and possibility of collateral damage done by cleaners.  Foot traffic on roofs, ladders banging on gutters and trim, and workers tromping through the landscape are all eliminated when you have gutter protection installed.

#5.  You completely eliminate the “unreliable” cleaning service.  Gutter cleaning companies go out of business all of the time.  When they do you normally don’t find out about it until they don’t show up for their regularly scheduled cleaning.  Gutter Shutters are extremely reliable, in fact, they always show up.

So weight the cost and liabilities of installing gutter protection on your condo, apartment, or townhouse complex.  You may find that in the long run you will save money, have a more well maintained complex, and you eliminate the risk of injuries and lawsuits.

Gutter Guards Chicago

Low income apartment buildings owner sued

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Low income apartment buildings owner sued
Allegations include not performing routine maintenance.

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Top Legal Tips for Landlords When Renting a Property

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Top Legal Tips for Landlords When Renting a Property
Slater and Gordon property lawyer Samantha Blackburn gives top legal tips for landlords in the UK.

If you are a landlord and need legal advice about your responsibilities, please get in touch with the expert team of property lawyers at Slater and Gordon. Call us on freephone 0800 916 9083 or visit http://www.slatergordon.co.uk/property/

Buy, Rent, Retire in Fort Myers – Manage the lifecycle of your Rental Property

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Buy, Rent, Retire in Fort Myers – Manage the lifecycle of your Rental Property

The Fort Myers and Cape Coral area is a great place to live or retire, and many people might be thinking about retirement, even if that goal is many years away. If you know you want to retire in this area of Florida, don’t wait until you’re ready to move to buy your house. You can manage the cycle of buying, renting and then retiring with the help of a professional property management company like TLC Realty & Associates.

Look for a house that you know you will be comfortable in when it comes to retirement. Once you find the right house for you, and meets your retirement goals, you can start thinking about renting the house to tenants before you come down and live in it yourself. Before you head to your closing, get in touch with a professional property manager. Talk about how much rent you’ll be able to get on your home and see if the property manager can start looking for tenants right away. We have had many situations where we’ve had a tenant ready to move in before the property owner even closes on the house. It’s the best case scenario because

Apartment Fire! Silver Spring, MD – 8/10/16

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Apartment Fire! Silver Spring, MD – 8/10/16
Right off Eastern Ave at around 10:40am I smelled smoke and ran outside. Some of the maintenance crew (Obed, Geobany, and Hernesto) were on location and did a great job getting that man out safely. Big ups to Moco’s Bravest too, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue. I promise to be more careful the next time I spit hot fire!

5 Easy Steps For Choosing a Tenant – Property management, Landlord

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5 Easy Steps For Choosing a Tenant – Property management, Landlord
Deciding who is going to be living in and caring for your rental property is never an easy decision. So when you are conducting a background check on potential tenants, why would you take any chances of letting important information slip through your fingertips? Here are five easy steps to correctly conduct a tenant background check.

The first step is to require that your tenants fill out a rental application. The information being asked on this form should include credit history, employment status, employment history, and last but not least the names of former landlords. One thing you also may want to keep in mind is charging an application fee to cover any costs of background checks or credit screenings.

The next step is to validate the information you receive. Make the appropriate calls to any banks that the applicant lists to ensure that they are in good standing and that they don’t have outrageous loans or debt in their name; this could cause slow or no payment in the future. Also call the employer of the applicant to validate his or her status as an employee, even calling past employers to see if this individual left on a good note. If an employer tells you the applicant had an anger issue or left in bad standing, you may want to take that into consideration.

Step three is to contact the applicant’s former landlords. By doing so, you can verify if the individual made payments on time, caused any damage to the property, or if any other issues had ever risen from their tenancy. This is going to be the second most important step of the entire process.

The fourth step, and most important is to conduct a background check. This can be done in one of two ways. You can either do it manually by contacting the courthouses in all of the counties in every state where the applicant has resided. Or you can use a private company like Integrascan.com. Integrascan will pull an applicant’s criminal history report, address history report and sex offender status — all relevant information that you need to make an informed decision.

Finally, the last step in this process is choosing which applicant has the privilege of calling your property “home”. Now that you have gathered all the information and you have conducted a background check utilizing the best online database available, you can breathe easy knowing your assets are safe. So what are you waiting for? There is no need to be afraid of allowing another bad tenant to move in, Integrascan is here to make sure you are protected, and we mean it.

Metro woman accuses KCK apartment complex of refusing to fix serious maintenance problems

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Metro woman accuses KCK apartment complex of refusing to fix serious maintenance problems
KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A metro woman is accusing a KCK apartment complex of scamming its tenants by refusing to fix serious maintenance problems.

Now former and current tenants want to warn others about Stonehedge Townhomes.

“When I got out of the shower, I heard leaking downstairs, so I came downstairs, and it was just pouring on top of my furniture,” said Lakeisha Allen, a former tenant of Stonehedge Townhomes.

Imagine moving into a new home and every time you take a shower it rains in your living room.

That’s exactly what 27-year-old Keisha Allen said happened after she moved into Stonehedge Townhomes in KCK.

“I said, hey, there’s a leak in my ceiling, coming from my shower, do you have another unit? I just moved in, it hasn’t even been a week,” Allen said.

Allen said the leasing manager sent a maintenance man to fix it.

“He was like, ‘They need a contractor, the tub needs to be replaced,’ instead they keep trying to send him to do a patch up job, and he’s telling them that no patch up job can be done,” Allen said. “Nothing has been fixed.”

Allen moved in in February of this year with her two-year-old daughter.

“I keep complaining every time I pay rent, I go inside there, I tell them, ‘Hey, this is still an issue here.’ Now my daughter has been getting sick constantly since I’ve been living here, because of all the mold,” Allen added.

She said she complained to Wilhoit Properties, which manages Stonehedge Townhomes, but got no response.

She moved out last month because she said it was unlivable.

But now she’s worried her credit will be ruined because the apartment complex is suing her for breaking her lease.

“The lady in the office told me she’s tired of people complaining about things going on in maintenance, that it’s not her problem,” said Allen.

Allen paid 0 a month, and said she didn’t move out sooner because she kept being promised it would be fixed.

“Enough is enough,” Allen said.

One neighbor said the people who lived in Allen’s apartment before had the same issue.

“They had a maintenance man come in, cover that layer, and she was moved in within two weeks,” said Dreshonda Smith, a current tenant of Stonehedge Townhomes.

“They want to keep collecting rent, but don’t want to fix anything. They keep running over people, hardworking people, who pay their rent, and have no problem paying rent,” Allen said, “We keep getting screwed over, and that’s not right.”

Bob Williams, the V.P. of Property Management at Wilhoit Properties told FOX 4’s Melissa Stern the company is investigating and will get any problems corrected. He said this is not how they operate.

However, it could be a judge who makes the final decision. Both sides meet in court Monday.

Why Choose Auckland Property Management for your Rental Property?

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Why Choose Auckland Property Management for your Rental Property?
Why Choose Auckland Property Management for your Rental Property. Need advice on how to achieve Rent Maximisation for your rental property? Here’s your opportunity to speak to one of our Property Experts to learn how to achieve rent maximisation. Speak to one of our Property Experts on how to achieve the most rent for your rental property.

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Auckland Property Management
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We service to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Hamilton among others.

Our team of licensed residential and commercial Auckland property managers and letting agents provide unrivalled professional Auckland property management services with personal attention and professional integrity. For more than 30 years Auckland Property Management has built an envied reputation in the rental property market. With over 100 years combined experience, you might say our team has seen it all. Our portfolio of rental properties including apartments, houses, flats and commercial buildings extends from the Bombay Hills to Orewa. Our investment in the latest proven technology and property management systems gives our clients the edge. Learn more about us in our website, and visit us today here: http://www.aucklandproperty.net/

As a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, we pride ourselves in our dedication and commitment to upholding the best practices and professional standards of this organisation. Our team of seven full time Auckland Property Managers and two leasing agents provide a full range of services from letting, to full service Auckland Property Management. Principal and Licensee, Howard Morley, is a Past President of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, a Registered Valuer, an Associate of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute and has more than 35 years of real estate industry experience. Learn more about our Team, go here: http://www.aucklandproperty.net/about…

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We believe our service is quite unique nowadays; our focus has been to employ people with real life experience as our body corporate administrators, they are not just number crunchers. This experience enables them to better understand and appreciate our clients’ needs and concerns. They enjoy qualified and dedicated administration support from our office personnel to ensure total professionalism in our service delivery. Learn more about our Body Corporate services here today: http://www.aucklandproperty.net/body-…

Protect your Auckland Investment, Place your property in our hands. Auckland Property Management is your best choice for professional and experienced Auckland Property Management. Our Property Managers work hard for you and your property and commits “To provide a range of professional services that will reward our clients with a sound return on their real estate investment”

California Renters Rights, Tenant Laws and Protection

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California Renters Rights, Tenant Laws and Protection
http://www.866eviction.com It is very important before renting a property to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Laws vary from state to state, although they are generally very similar. The following guidelines, specific to California, will help you have a successful renting experience.
How Much of a Security Deposit Can a Landlord Charge, and Can They Refuse to Return it When the Tenant Moves Out?
A landlord, under California Civil Code Section 1950.5, is not allowed to charge any more than two months’ rent as a deposit for an unfurnished unit, and three months’ rent for a completely furnished one. If you have paid your rent for each month that you have resided in the property and you wish to move without breaking a lease agreement, you should furnish the landlord with a thirty-day notice as a courtesy. The landlord has to advise you of your right to a preliminary inspection of the unit during the last two weeks before you move out. You should be present for this inspection and the landlord should give you a written list with repairs and expected costs if any are found. You, as the tenant, have the right to make any repairs yourself and clean the unit before you leave. In turn, if the landlord is attempting to charge you with damages or cleaning issues which you did not cause, or which were there when you moved in, you should inform the landlord of such, get any statements from witnesses who know this was not your responsibility, and take pictures before you move out.
http://www.866eviction.com/ You may leave the keys in the unit when you vacate. Also, the landlord must return your security deposit within twenty-one days after the last day in which you resided on their property. Any legitimate repair deductions must be itemized and sent with your refund. If your landlord does not adhere to these rules regarding your security deposit, you may sue in small claims court.
As a Tenant, Can I Be Evicted Without Notice or Cause?
The eviction process is rather complicated and varies from state to state. However, the landlord may evict a tenant for nearly any reason if the proper procedures are followed. Some reasons which may cause you to be evicted even with a lease are: non-payment of rent, lease violations, obvious and purposeful damage, unlawful acts within or upon the premises, noise complaints, and interference with other tenants. Under any of these situations, a three-day notice is all that is necessary to remove a tenant from the unit. After notice is given, the landlord is required to give you an opportunity to correct the non-payment or the problem, and also give you complete contact information and hours in which to do so. It really does not help to attempt to hide from the landlord so that notice cannot be served, as it can be tacked to the door, dropped off at your place of work, or given to anyone at the residence over the age of 18. If you do not answer the notice and request a hearing to show just cause why you should not be evicted, the eviction will commence and you will be removed from the property. Your landlord must follow proper procedures, but it is possible that if you truly are not complying with the terms of your lease, not paying the rent, or conducting dangerous or illegal activities at the unit, you could face a lockout and removal by the sheriff’s department.
Can My Landlord Enter My Home Whenever They Wish?
In a word, no! Landlords to not have the right to simply drop in unannounced without a purpose, or even with one if the situation is not an emergency. Your landlord must make an appointment with you for a convenient time to perform repairs or an inspection of the premises. You do, however, need to comply with this request or after a reasonable period of time, the landlord has the right to enter anyway without your permission. The landlord also has the right to make an appointment with you to show potential buyers the property or potential renters if you are leaving or being evicted. The landlord must provide you with a twenty-four hour notice before entering to conduct normal business, and it must be during normal business hours, not in the middle of the night.

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Tenants’ Rights: Repairs

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Tenants’ Rights: Repairs
This video is for Connecticut residents only. If you have problems with the conditions in your apartment and your landlord won’t make repairs, this video will tell you how to bring a housing code enforcement lawsuit against your landlord. Visit http://www.ctlawhelp.org for more information.