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5 Reasons Gutter Guards are a Great Idea for H.O.A.s

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Gutter cleaning is an item that all H.O.A.s must budget it for.  But is it the best use of funds.  Perhaps there is a better solution?   How about Gutter Protection?

There are 5 reasons why leaf guards are a better choice than gutter cleaning:

#1.  You only have to pay for and install leaf protection one time.  Unlike gutter cleaning that needs to be done several times a year.  After gutter covers are installed, that is it.

#2.  You eliminate liability.  Hiring a crew of gutter cleaners exposes your property to the liability that these works can get hurt.  Statists show most fall accidents happen on ladders and off of roofs.

#3.  Your gutter system is always functioning properly.  Gutter cleaning is generally scheduled for certain times of the year.  But what if the gutter and downspout system clogs before the cleaners het there?

#4.  Excess roof wear and tear and possibility of collateral damage done by cleaners.  Foot traffic on roofs, ladders banging on gutters and trim, and workers tromping through the landscape are all eliminated when you have gutter protection installed.

#5.  You completely eliminate the “unreliable” cleaning service.  Gutter cleaning companies go out of business all of the time.  When they do you normally don’t find out about it until they don’t show up for their regularly scheduled cleaning.  Gutter Shutters are extremely reliable, in fact, they always show up.

So weight the cost and liabilities of installing gutter protection on your condo, apartment, or townhouse complex.  You may find that in the long run you will save money, have a more well maintained complex, and you eliminate the risk of injuries and lawsuits.

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How to win a small claims court lawsuit

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How to win a small claims court lawsuit


Here are some general tips to hopefully help you win your small claims lawsuit. Whether you are dealing with breach of contract, fraud, business disputes, landlord tenant issues, or other claims for money damages, this video will hopefully help you whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in the small claims case.

Here are a few of my top tips to help you win your small claims lawsuit. Hope you enjoy.

We offer one hour paid consultations to California and Arizona companies and individuals dealing with a small claims lawsuit. Contact us at (877) 276-5084. Cost is 5.

A day in the life of a lead maintenance technician

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A day in the life of a lead maintenance technician
Tim Mason is the lead combustion turbine maintenance technician at Wyoming Distributed Generation, a peaking station consisting of nine natural gas-fired combustion turbines that provides backup energy to Laramie River Station and Powder River Energy.

Take a look at the video to see what he does on an average day.


Secrets of Successful Residential Investment Property Management

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Secrets of Successful Residential Investment Property Management
Find investor training and investment opportunities at http://www.HassleFreeCashflowInvesting.com

Keys to Successful Property Management with professional real estate investor David Campbell and veteran property manager Jason Cox of Cox Premier Properties.

Some of my favorites reasons to own investment real estate include Cashflow, Tax Shelter, and Equity Growth. My least favorite part of owning real estate is managing tenants and toilets.

Managing rental properties can be a difficult and disheartening task, but it does not have to be. Savvy investors know the key to creating Hassle-Free Cashflow is professional property management. Developing a working relationship with the right property manager team, takes the hassle out of investing and ensures the cashflow will keep rolling in!

In this FREE sixty minute webinar you will learn:

1) How to set yourself up for success by establishing and communicating metrics of success to your property manager
2) Why your property manager should be the most important person on your investing team.
3) What is and is not reasonable to expect from a great property manager.
4) Three warning signs your property manager is stealing from you or worse!
5) How to interview for a great property manager when you are new to a market.
6) The dos and don’ts of firing your existing property management team.
7) Four property management secrets to improve your profitability and cashflow!


David Campbell http://www.HassleFreeCashflowInvesting.com is a professional investor, broker, syndicator and developer who enjoys counseling clients on creative real estate investment strategies.

Jason Cox has been in the real estate industry for 18 years. He works to serve real estate investors as a property manager and private real estate consultant focusing on residential properties.

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Assigning a Lease & Landlord Approval

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Assigning a Lease & Landlord Approval
Looking to assign your lease to someone else? http://clufflaw.com/assigning-a-lease-landlord-approval/
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Let’s say that you are a commercial tenant. You have leased, let’s say it’s a pad in a shopping center that you are going to use as a restaurant, and you’ve got your restaurant in there for two or three years. Things are great or things are terrible. Either way, you want to assign this lease. You’ve decided you’re going to do something else now. You need to look at your lease agreement that you have with the landlord and determine whether the lease is assignable, and in most cases it will be, but usually there are some conditions on the assign-ability of that lease.

Normally the landlord gets and opportunity to approve or reject the proposed new tenant that you want to bring into the space. You’ve got your, let’s say it’s a pancake restaurant, and you’ve got the best pancakes in town, and the landlord really likes you in there because you’re a good tenant. You always pay the rent on time, and they love having tenants like you in that space. But they also know that not everybody is as good as you at doing what you do, so they’re a little concerned about this plan you’ve got to assign your lease to somebody else and have somebody else take over your pancake shop, because they might not do it as well as you.

You approach the landlord and say, “Hey, I’ve been a great tenant. Now I want to bring in Chip, who’s going to run the pancake shop.” The landlord says, “No, I went into business with you. I trust you. I don’t trust Chip. Chip’s the kind of guy that leaves you hanging.” The landlord may have some real reluctance to doing that, and they do have veto authority on that in most cases.

You may need to do something to sweeten the deal for the landlord. Maybe there’s an increase in the rent. Maybe there is some cash payment by you to induce the landlord to approve the assignment of the lease. It almost sounds like a bribe, doesn’t it? But it’s not. That is a bargained for, perfectly appropriate term that a landlord can demand in connection with whether they want to allow for the assignment of a lease.

Usually if the lease is drafted properly and in a way that’s not totally one-sided for the landlord, it will include language like, “Landlord’s approval to assign the lease shall not be unreasonably withheld.” That’s one of those terms that lawyers can fight about for years, of course. Neither side wants to end up in years of litigation, so having a term like that does give the tenant some negotiating power. If, instead of having Chip take over as the restaurateur, you have some very well established restaurant who has tremendous credit and is not a real credit risk for the landlord, then it’s probably not reasonable for them to withhold approval of the assignment of the lease in that case. That’s one of the issues that you need to be involved with when you’re talking about assigning a lease.
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Local 12 Investigates: Tenant worries about building maintenance

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Local 12 Investigates: Tenant worries about building maintenance
MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) — A Mount Washington man said after his apartment flooded his landlord failed to respond to some serious concerns in the building. Frequently when Local 12 gets involved in stories like that the last place a landlord wants to be is in front of the cameras. But in some ways it was not a usual story and certainly not a usual landlord.For nearly three weeks, Wally Stropes has lived with a bed spread across his kitchen door. He hopes it’s keeping the smell and mold on the other side. 2:30 in the morning Jan. 11, the radiator in Wally’s kitchen virtually exploded.”It was terrible,” he said. “Water just pouring out; the whole boiler was just pouring out and the water was so hot I could barely even stand in it. So I pulled the range and that’s what I was concerned about.”With water flooding the floor Wally also noticed the range had a floor plug; a possible electrocution threat. He called the fire department and his landlord but not before the water soaked the carpet and pad in his dining area. Looking at the rusted pipe and fitting it was easy to understand why the radiator blew apart. Wally and his landlord have been going back and forth ever since about repairs.”And he wasn’t gonna contact me, until I called you and I informed him this is not the way we’re gonna do things. You’ve got responsibilities as a building owner to provide safe and healthy environment for all your tenants,” Wally said.Wally was also in the basement when a neighbor was taking a shower. The basement ceiling clearly showed long term water damage. But owner Mike Chambers said he wasn’t aware of any such problems when he bought the building in May. The landlord and his tenant clearly aren’t getting along very well.”I’m not a bad landlord,” said Chambers. “Don’t make me out to be one. I will take care of this immediately.”One of the sticking points has been a plan by the landlord to steam clean Wally’s carpet with Clorox to kill any possible mold growth. Wally said he thinks it needs a lot more. While Local 12 News was in the apartment, the landlord bled the bathroom radiator and got it working again.The apartments were clearly in better shape than many of the ones Local 12 has shown. And Chambers is a bit of a different landlord. He agreed to meet with Local 12 and walk through the issues. He also seemed willing to deal with his tenant in a pretty reasonable fashion.The radiator finally got replaced Monday, Feb. 2, 22 days after it blew. As for the structural issues, still waiting to hear what a building inspector has to say. Someone from the health department has been out recently and told Wally, she didn’t think there was a mold issue in the apartment.An update on a story Local 12 reported Monday, Feb. 2. Tenants in Fehr Woods Apartments were without water for five days until late Monday when Local 12 News got involved along with legal aid. Their landlord, Ernie Stahman, had told the residents that he didn’t have money to pay the water bill until all of them paid their rent. While the water came back on, one of the residents called and told Local 12 Wednesday night the heat was shut off. Their landlord now said he didnt have money to pay his Duke bill again. Local 12 News contacted legal aid and attorneys there are working on how to get the heat back on for the residents.If you have issues with a problem landlord, let us know. You can send us a message whoownsit@local12.com.Follow Rich Jaffe on Twitter @rajaffe, and LIKE him on Facebook.

Property Management – Should Real Estate Investors Hire Property Managers?

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Property Management – Should Real Estate Investors Hire Property Managers?
http://www.REIClub.com – Are Property Managers Better Landlords Than You? Here’s a Video on the Pros and Cons of Using Property Management…

Hi, this is Frank Chen with REIClub.com, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on the Pro’s and Con’s of using a property management company.

Accredited Certifications:
Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

– Certified Property Manager (CPM)
– Accredited Residential Manager (ARM)
– Accredited Commercial Manager (ACM)
– Accredited Management Organization (AMO)

What do Property Managers do?

– Collecting and Depositing Monthly Rent Payments
– Control Rental Rates – based on market trends
– Marketing and Advertising
– Inspections
– Tenant Screenings


– Time Management – property manager takes care of the routine daily tasks, you are free to focus on other investments and/or your own career.
– Remote Locations – manage properties in a different locations
– Access to Professionals – vendors, contractors, etc…
– Housing Regulations and Property Law


– Overall lack in control
– Profit margins – Because they are paid based on gross income, they will not manage the bottom line properly. ie. net income.
– They will never dedicate the energy to your property that you would.
– Money (or CON) – property managers charge a percentage of the monthly rental rate which can range anywhere from 6-10%.
– frequently keep late fees
– may make margins on repairs
– no control over quality of repairs
– no control over who does repairs (family member, friend of mgmt co)
– no incentive to reduce or eliminate repair costs
– no access to own property – usually only they have key

As you can see there are many reasons for both the Pros and Cons, but i’ll have to say that the safest way to manage your own property is yourself. I want you to see property management as a tool and a resource, not a necessity. Evaluate what kind of business you are running, if you have 5-10 houses, I say manage them yourself, anything more than 10 I would consider looking into hiring a Property Management company.

Again, this is Frank Chen with REIClub.com. Please take the time to leave your comments for this video below and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be automatically notified when we upload more quick video tips for you. Take care and good investing.